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A message from Warrington Borough Council

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Welcome to the Choose a Home is Changing information website. This has been created to explain the changes being made to how people can access social housing homes in the future in Warrington.

Every Council in the country has a housing allocations policy. These explain how people in a particular area can access homes owned by social landlords. In most parts of the country there are less homes available than people need. Housing allocations policies are there to make sure that people who have the most housing need have the best chance of getting a home.

In Warrington a scheme called Choose a Home has operated for a number of years. This is a choice based lettings system. Choose a Home has successfully helped thousands of people to find a home in Warrington.

Unfortunately the Choose a Home system no longer works. More and more people who are in desperate need of a home in Warrington are struggling to get one. That’s why Warrington Borough Council has changed its housing allocations policy. The changes are designed to support the people who have the greatest housing need.

Here are the key changes:

We realise that the switch from Choose a Home to Under One Roof is a big one and that you might have questions and concerns.

This website and the regular messages you will receive while the changes are made will answer a lot of those. Visit the contact us section of this website to find out how you can talk to somebody if you need to.

Warrington Borough Council, February 2018